I help people and organizations resolve conflict, focusing on problem solving, effective communication and preserving relationships. I believe the parties involved in conflict are the best ones to decide the outcome and therefore it is my responsibility to help people reach their own agreement. While I am a lawyer by profession, I have a non-traditional practice in that I am dedicated to out of court resolution. I made the choice to stop going to court as I believe the court process can have a serious impact on children and families, and I much prefer to focus my energies on the positive outcomes that very often result from mediation and collaborative negotiation.


I have seen people use mediation to resolve hundreds of disputes and I am consistently amazed at their ability to work out agreements in very difficult circumstances.  Because of the success of mediation, I have dedicated my training and energy to perfecting this process and I teach other professionals about the mediation skills that I have come to use on a daily basis.  I see my role as a mediator being one that creates a positive, safe environment, where people can call on their better selves to bridge divides.

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Conflict Resolution Training

I am enthusiastic about learning and I am always looking for ways to improve my conflict resolution skills. For any professional – the practice of our profession implies a process of constant learning. I really enjoy sharing experiences and best practices with other professionals and helping to create new knowledge through this exchange of ideas.

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