Since September 2015, I have been employed with the BC Public Service Agency as the Conflict Management Lead where I am leading the design and implementation of a workplace conflict management program to assist with dealing with workplace conflict in the public service.  As a result, I am not taking new mediation clients at this time.  Please go to Mediate BC’s website to contact a mediator.


I am a mediator and conflict resolution trainer who has assisted many individuals and organizations in managing conflict. I have conducted hundreds of mediations including workplace, family, police complaint, community, multi-party and court related matters. Also, I have previous experience as the director of a Canadian federal government mediation centre. I have conducted many toxic workplace interventions involving up to 50 employees.

About Mediation

As a mediator I am impartial (I don’t prefer once side to the other) and I help the parties resolve their issues. As a mediator, I help

  • Ensure there is full exchange of information
  • Urge everyone to look at the problem from different points of view, and
  • Explore options to resolve the dispute.

In mediation you have the chance to be creative and you make the decisions about what is going to happen.

Some advantages of mediation are

  • It is very often faster and cheaper than court
  • It is private
  • It can help maintain relationships
  • You make the decisions about what is going to happen
  • You can be creative, and
  • The agreement you make can be a binding contract that can be enforced.

Whether you simply want to sit down together and work things out with some help or you are stuck in a high conflict dispute with seemingly no way out, I have the experience and expertise to assist you.


The mediation process is confidential and without prejudice. This allows the parties to fully engage in the process without worry that their words will be used against them. Your agreement is binding after you sign a written agreement agreeing to be legally bound.

For more information on mediation visit www.mediatebc.com